Alan Scott is DC’s new gay character

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Updated on December 10, 2021

Alan Scott in the New 52
From “Earth 2” #2. Art by Nicola Scott.

Yep, it’s official… Alan Scott has been confirmed (with preview panel artwork no less) of being DC’s newest gay character. USA Today (and a few other media outlets) cover the story, including helpfully explaining this isn’t Hal Jordan, the Green Lantern the general public will be thinking of (per the flopped movie last year). I assume the rest of said public (that know who GL even is) will be thinking of John Stewart (per the “Justice League” cartoon). My original guess (and that of others online) was right, after all.

James Robinson, the writer of “Earth-2,” is interviewed about it here.

Nice panels (showing affection between Alan and his boyfriend). Though as I noted before, DC (and Dan DiDio) apparently has a different idea from the general public of what “iconic” means. Guess that’d keep with the general insular nature of modern superhero comics…

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