“Adventures of Superman” now Card-free: Orson Scott Card story’s artist quits

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Last updated on December 10th, 2021

The Orson Scott Card-writing-a-Superman-story saga’s apparently finally ended on an unexpected note. Card’s artist, Chris Spouse, has quit the story, not wanting to be involved in the controversy surrounding the whole thing. DC, in turn, has pulled the Card story, and says it’ll appear at an unspecified later date (while they “look…for a replacement artist”). The new, Card-free issue #1 will be written by Jeff Parker and drawn by Chris Samnee (who drew the Superman art in this post).

Of course, I view all of this as good news (though hope Spouse finds other work at DC), and now will consider buying the first few issues of “Adventures of Superman.” The only concern I have is that DC didn’t learn anything from all of this (per the “looking for a replacement artist” remark and some of their other actions of late), and really does try to shove this story into some future publication (like an Annual) after the ruckus has died down.


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