TweetDeck gets decked: Twitter ends support for iOS, Android, and AIR versions

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Updated on December 10, 2021

TweetDeckTwitter, owners (since 2011) of the long-standing TweetDeck Twitter client software, has announced it’s shutting down the iOS, Android, and Adobe AIR versions of its client. The mass purge in support platforms is being done so TweetDeck can shift to primarily being a web-based (and Chrome-browser-based) service, though the Mac and Windows clients will continue to be supported (for now…). However, the remaining future versions will no longer have Facebook integration.

Coupled with the recent heavy cutback in support for non-Twitter-approved software tying into Twitter, it all feels rather provincial for such a hugely popular online service. As for the future of web-based TweetDeck, one of its few remaining competitors will probably be HootSuite.

On my Android devices, I switched some time ago to using Twitter’s main app, as it supports in-line photo and conversation thread displaying much better than TweetDeck did. On my Mac Mini, I use the TweetDeck app. As for my Linux Mint laptop, I use Twitter’s website, bookmarked as a pinned tab in Firefox and Chromium.

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