Cartoons at the box office: “Free Birds” don’t fly, public goes to “Ender’s Game” anyway

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Despite being based on a book by homophobic writer Orson Scott Card (the same Card of the “Adventures of Superman” controversy earlier this year), the public either didn’t know or care, as “Ender’s Game” topped the box office this weekend with $28 million. Meanwhile, “Free Birds,” the new movie about time-traveling turkeys who go back … Read more

“Adventures of Superman” now Card-free: Orson Scott Card story’s artist quits

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The Orson Scott Card-writing-a-Superman-story saga’s apparently finally ended on an unexpected note. Card’s artist, Chris Spouse, has quit the story, not wanting to be involved in the controversy surrounding the whole thing. DC, in turn, has pulled the Card story, and says it’ll appear at an unspecified later date (while they “look…for a replacement artist”). … Read more

DC Comics finally responds (curtly) to the Orson Scott Card controversy

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You might recall the controversy over Orson Scott Card writing for a few issues of a new digital-only Superman comic. Since the news was released, there’s been various calls for boycotting, etc., with the news making it even into non-comics media (NPR, LGBT magazine “The Advocate”). Today, DC Comics finally responded to “The Advocate” (and … Read more

Non-canonical Superman comic to debut; debut stories written by…Orson Scott Card?!

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Today, DC Comics announced that it’ll be producing a new digital-only Superman anthology comic titled “Adventures of Superman.” The name, of course, is the same as the one used for the live-action 1950s TV show, plus the post-Crisis renaming of the original Superman title for some number of years. Since it’s a non-canonical anthology title, … Read more