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Last updated on July 23rd, 2023

“Cyberchase.” (Nelvana)

Next on the 2011-in-retrospective is animation, of course.

  • Rocky and Bullwinkle’s fifth and final season finally came to DVD. Despite being announced early in the year, I only bought it several weeks ago, as part of a “Cyber Monday” sale.
  • My posts on Chuck Clayton (and January’s post on Martin Luther King in animation) kicked off Black History Month’s look at Black animated and comic characters, which eventually led to my weekly “minorities in comics and animation” posts.
  • “Young Justice” debuts, angry Superboy and all. Watched it, didn’t care for it, and not been back since. Too bad DC decided Superboy needed to be similar to his bad-Wolverine-knockoff animated self for their “New 52” reboot.
  • The death (too soon) of Dwayne McDuffie. C2E2 this year, of course, featured a memorial panel for the creator of Static.
  • Unions in animation became of interest to me after the real-life “wacky hijinks” in Wisconsin this year (which affect my day job).
  • The self-named “Jay Sherman Test” applied to this summer’s animated/comic book films. And its followup post.
  • Similarly, the Bechdel Test applied to Easter specials.
  • An update on my post on how comics and cartoons handle aging. Have to love that panel of Superboy shaking hands with JFK!
  • The review of the first episode of “The Looney Tunes Show.” First of many such reviews, of course.
  • Seth MacFarlane of “Family Guy” fame to reboot the Flintstones. Still shaking my head sadly about this one.
  • A series of short-lived cartoon collectibles posts were started. “Short-lived” since I ran out of collectibles I own to write about (unless you want to hear about my non-cartoon knickknacks, such as my Milwaukee Bucks Kareem Abdul-Jabbar bobblehead…).
  • Tux shows up in animation (in a Fruit Loops commercial of all things).
  • Lucille Ball’s 100th birthday was marked by Google (and myself).
  • 2011 was also Babar’s 80th birthday, and with it came my review of the mediocre new CGI series “Babar and the Adventures of Badou.” Not-so-“tusk-tastic”; I haven’t heard much about the series lately.
  • Finally found a copy of “Yogi’s First Christmas” on DVD.

Other year-in-review categories to come!

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