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MacBook, coffee mug, and cactus

Updated on December 10, 2021

Moving down the list of categories, the blog itself is next on my 2011 year-in-review.

  • In April, I integrated the old “Anthony’s Annotations” blog posts into the current blog, before permanently deleting the old blog. Said posts date back to 2002… yep, 2012 marks 10 years of blogging! Happy anniversary!
  • Also in May, I asked readers for any regular feature suggestions. While I didn’t get any responses, I do have the weekly “minorities in cartoons” feature.
  • In June, I set up a Facebook fan page for the blog (yes, I know…). By the fall, I’d deleted the fan page and set up a regular Facebook profile, with the introduction of a subscription feature to Facebook (making the fan page feel even more redundant than it already was).
  • For October I redid the blog in an orange theme for “Shock-tober” (or “Halloween” if you prefer non-cheesy TV marketing terms).


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