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Xubuntu 11.10 released today!

Updated on December 10, 2021

Today marks the release of the newest version of Ubuntu, 11.10 (“Oneiric Ocelot”). This also includes release of the other siblings in the Ubuntu family, including the version I use (as of 11.04), Xubuntu.

As noted before, from what little information I’ve had up to now, it doesn’t sound like there’s very many changes to 11.10 over 11.04, other than a few changes in, and updated versions of, included programs. Of course, I’ll post any observations about Ocelot to the blog after installing 11.10 on my own laptop.

Xubuntu can be downloaded from the official Xubuntu page, which includes options to either download the CD directly or to use a torrent, plus a list of various mirror sites.

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