“The Walking Dead” tops January 2016 comic sales

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Last updated on December 10th, 2021

“The Walking Dead” #150 topped a light comic sales month for January 2016. As usual, however, Marvel dominated comic sales, thanks to the strength of “Star Wars.”

Here’s the top 10 selling comics. Figures from Comichron and Diamond.

  1. The Walking Dead #150, $2.99 (Image)
  2. Secret Wars #9, $4.99 (Marvel)
  3. Spider-Man/Deadpool #1, $3.99 (Marvel)
  4. Star Wars #14, $3.99 (Marvel)
  5. Star Wars #15, $3.99 (Marvel)
  6. Old Man Logan #1, $4.99 (Marvel)
  7. Star Wars: Obi-Wan and Anakin #1, $3.99 (Marvel)
  8. Batman #48, $3.99 (DC)
  9. Darth Vader #15, $3.99 (Marvel)
  10. Uncanny X-Men #1, $3.99 (Marvel)

Here’s a list of the top 10 graphic novels for January.

  1. Star Wars: Darth Vader, vol. 2: Shadows and Secrets, $19.99 (Marvel)
  2. Star Wars, vol. 2: Showdown on the Smugglers’ Moon, $19.99 (Marvel)
  3. Color Your Own Deadpool, $9.99 (Marvel)
  4. Death of Wolverine, $19.99 (Marvel)
  5. Star Wars: Lando, $16.99 (Marvel)
  6. Deadpool’s Secret Secret Wars, $15.99 (Marvel)
  7. Invader Zim, vol. 1, $19.99 (Oni)
  8. Thor, vol. 1: Goddess of Thunder, $19.99 (Marvel)
  9. Star Wars: Vader, vol. 1: Vader, $19.99 (Marvel)
  10. Civil War, $24.99 (Marvel)

The top five publishers by dollar/unit share:

  1. Marvel, 44.38%/48.175
  2. DC, 22.16%/24.02%
  3. Image, 9.67%/10.99%
  4. IDW, 4.11%/3.48%
  5. Dark Horse, 3.06%/2.51%

Total comic sales are down 21.52%/20.31% (by dollar/unit shares respectively) from December 2015. Sales are down 5.1%/4.54% from January 2015.

If wondering, there was no “Dark Knight III” this month; its next issue isn’t due out until late February, which doesn’t help DC’s abysmal sales. “January slowdown” or not, DC’s sales were half of Marvel’s in January, even if Marvel’s sales are likely being shored up by “Star Wars.” I suppose it’s a reason why DC plans on yet another revamp/reboot later this year.

On the trade side, interesting that “Invader Zim” ranks that high, especially for a show cancelled years ago. “Thor” also did well, though doubt it’ll quiet the comment section types griping about Thor being a woman.

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