Batman, the Power Rangers are the top selling comics for March 2016

Batman #50

DC has some good news for once: it’s the top selling comic for March 2016, via the extra-sized “Batman” #50. In the #2 spot, oddly enough, is the first issue of Boom!’s “Power Rangers” comic. Since it’s not a Loot Crate title, I guess there’s more nostalgia for that title/TV show than anyone thought?

“Star Wars: Shattered Empire” is the top selling comic for September 2015

Star Wars: Shattered Empire #1

September’s comic sales figures are in, and “Star Wars” dominates the top of the comics sales charts. “Shattered Empire” #1, a tie-in to the upcoming film “The Force Awakens,” is the #1 book this month, followed by “Star Wars” #9 at #2. A third “Star Wars” comic, “Darth Vader” #9, is also in the top … Read more

“Secret Wars” is (again) the top selling comic for August 2015

Secret Wars #4

Once again, Marvel dominates the comic sales charts for August 2015, aided by Marvel’s “Secret Wars.” Marvel occupies seven of the top 10 selling comics for August, with DC taking up two entries (“Batman” and “Justice League”). Image takes up the final slot, with “The Walking Dead.” Single issue comic sales figures are below; figures are … Read more