Batman, the Power Rangers are the top selling comics for March 2016

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Updated on December 10, 2021

DC has some good news for once: it’s the top selling comic for March 2016, via the extra-sized “Batman” #50. In the #2 spot, oddly enough, is the first issue of Boom!’s “Power Rangers” comic. Since it’s not a Loot Crate title, I guess there’s more nostalgia for that title/TV show than anyone thought?

Here’s the top 10 selling comics, as listed by Diamond and Comichron.

  1. Batman #50, $5.99 (DC)
  2. Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers #1, $3.99 (Boom)
  3. Star Wars #17, $3.99 (Marvel)
  4. Superman #50, $4.99 (DC)
  5. Amazing Spider-Man #9, $3.99 (Marvel)
  6. Darth Vader #17, $3.99 (Marvel)
  7. Darth Vader #18, $3.99 (Marvel)
  8. Deadpool #8, $3.99 (Marvel)
  9. International Iron Man #1, $3.99 (Marvel)
  10. Avengers Standoff: Assault on Pleasant Hill Alpha #1, $4.99 (Marvel)

A very strong month for Marvel as usual despite DC and Boom’s placements. “Star Wars” continues to be popular, of course. “Superman” placed rather high, as well, so I guess it’s good news for, uh, whatever the heck is going to happen to the New 52 Superman post-“Rebirth.”

On the trade paperback side, “The Walking Dead” tops the charts, with Image taking up five of the top 10 slots. DC has two entries (both “Batman” titles, of course), and Marvel has two entries, “Civil War” and “Secret Wars.”

Here’s the top 10 trade paperbacks.

  1. The Walking Dead, vol. 25: No Turning Back, $14.99 (Image)
  2. Paper Girls, vol. 1, $9.99 (Image)
  3. Civil War, $24.99 (Marvel)
  4. Tokyo Ghost, vol. 1: Atomic Garden, $9.99 (Image)
  5. Batman, vol. 7: Endgame, $16.99 (DC)
  6. Beauty, vol. 1, $9.99 (Image)
  7. East of West, vol. 5: All These Secrets, $14.99 (Image)
  8. Secret Wars (HC), $50 (Marvel)
  9. Batman, vol. 8: Superheavy (HC), $24.99 (DC)
  10. Avatar the Last Airbender, vol. 12: Smoke & Shadow, part 3, $10.99 (Dark Horse)

The top five publishers by dollar/unit share:

  1. Marvel, 37.39%/42.71%
  2. DC, 26.32%/25.94%
  3. Image, 8.73%/8.63%
  4. IDW, 5.82%/4.41%
  5. Boom, 3.26%/4.07%

Total comic sales are up 12.29%/4.61% from February 2016 by dollar/unit share respectively. Sales have changed by 11.04%/-5.31% similarly from March 2015. Supposedly this March having five shipping weeks (thanks to being a leap year) helped in part with the sales figures.

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