Two days until C2E2: fan-made promos

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Last updated on December 10th, 2021

Only two days left until I depart for Chicago and C2E2. Yes, I’ll be posting photos, blog thoughts, and Twitter remarks on the whole thing… enough material to keep me going on blog topics for, well, several days at least!

Before I depart, I thought I’d post one or two of the ads made to promote C2E2. This one apparently is what it’d be like if some trendy New York ad agency/fashion designer were creating ads pitching comic conventions:

Last year’s ad by the same creator (“ItsJustSomeRandomGuy,” who’ll also be appearing as a C2E2 panelist), as part of his series of Marvel and DC character parodies (Spider-Man villain the Green Goblin visits Chicago, and has a less-than-fun time):


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