Trailers for “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” and “Batman V Superman” on the same day?

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Updated on December 10, 2021

“Your two favorite franchises in one day of trailers” was the story this week, as we got two noteworthy trailers within a day of each other. The first is for “Star Wars: The Force Awakens.” Due out in December, the new trailer shows more aspects of the film’s new characters, including Finn, aka “the Black guy in the Stormtrooper costume” (British actor John Boyega), and the cute looking new soccer ball-like robot, named “BB-8.” I’m pretty sure the odds of BB-8 being the next Jar-Jar are quite slim. And of course, the revelation at the trailer’s end that had the Internet abuzz all day:

Still looking forward to seeing “The Force Awakens.” As for how BB-8 works, good question: it’s not CGI, but an actual robot in the film. The filmmakers are keeping quiet, leading to much debate on how the little robot works, though a few theories have been put forth.

Meanwhile, the second big news was the trailer for “Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice.” Initially planned as, of all the bizarre ideas, a five-second teaser for the real trailer (to be released theatrically in IMAX), things went awry. Somehow, a grainy copy of the entire trailer got leaked online late Thursday evening. After attempts to block the leaked trailers, Warner Bros. eventually relented and did what they should’ve done in the first place, release the actual whole thing online. Here it is:

Internet reaction to the trailer’s, well, decidedly more mixed than enthusiastic. Given it cements and continues the “grimdark” tone of “Man of Steel” and this film, it doesn’t look like much fun to me. As for the fight itself, I (optimistically) assume despite the film’s title, it’s just the long-standing superhero comic rule, as a Simpsons “Radioactive Man” comic summed up: “first they meet, then they fight, then they realize they’re on the same side before tackling the mutual foe.” That’s given the two have to team up again for DC/WB’s anticipated “Justice League” movie(s).

That said, I’d rather see “Your Two Favorite Heroes in One Adventure” as friends, rather than like two eight-year-olds fighting in the back seat of a car. Then again, I’d also prefer a Man of Steel without kung-fu neck-snapping grip or where his debut’s seen as an exciting, good thing versus fear and distrust. However, the grimdark-obsessed DC/WB seem to feel otherwise.

And again, Warner Bros.’ handling of the trailer release might show how much slicker Disney’s marketing machine is in comparison. Trying to steal thunder away from “Star Wars” (and risk being ignored) on the same day it released a new trailer, and with just a five-second teaser for a trailer?!


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