“The Looney Tunes Show” review: “The Shelf”

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Last updated on December 10th, 2021

After weeks on hiatus for the holidays, the remaining few episodes of the first season of “The Looney Tunes Show” are finally airing.

Plot: Bugs wins the Nobel Prize, and struggles to put up a shelf to display the prize. Bugs’ repair attempts force Daffy and Speedy to consider staying elsewhere (Daffy with Porky, and Lola convincing Speedy to find an apartment).

Pretty typical episode of this series; a few amusing moments, but still more “Seinfeld” than “Looney.” Bugs here is shown as actually not good at something, in this case, home repair. Daffy, meanwhile, is obnoxious as usual, without the amusing aspects of his personality that made such classic Daffy-and-Porky-as-roommates original series shorts as “Tick Tock Tuckered” and “Daffy Duck Slept Here” hilarious.

Best parts of the main story:

  • The Goofy Gophers being called “mice” by Lola.
  • Speedy chewing Bugs out for his inept home repair attempts.
  • Porky changing into a “better” bowtie.
  • Bugs disguising himself at the store (and changing his voice).
  • Daffy and Speedy’s sideways glance at seeing Bugs’ house in shambles.

As usual for this show, no sign of the Acme company’s existence; Bugs shops at a home supply store generically named “Big Box.” (They could’ve at least made a pun out of the store’s name… but I suppose that’s not what the live-action sitcoms they’re trying to emulate would do…)

This week’s “Merrie Melodies” is “Chintzy,” with Daffy (at his birthday party) telling Porky what Daffy expects in a non-cheap birthday gift. (Daffy’s “birthday” is April 17th, the date his first cartoon debuted, “Porky’s Duck Hunt.”) Meanwhile, the Road Runner short, “Goner With the Wind,” sees the Coyote try to use wind power to power some portable microwave device. Pretty funny, even if the ending was slightly gross.


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