“The Looney Tunes Show” review: “That’s My Baby”

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Last updated on December 10th, 2021

More rebooted-for-2011 “Looney Tunes.”

Plot (SPOILERS): Daffy takes care of Tina’s nephew (a baby), while Bugs tries to get Porky to quit throwing away his money on “upsells.”

Another episode with a few amusing points, but still, well, “meh.” Said amusing points:

  • A few of Porky’s lines (turning down insurance at the end).
  • Daffy’s remarks about Canada “beating us.”
  • Tina stating when a customer’s copies would be ready.
  • The day care babies look a lot like the babies in some of Chuck Jones’ shorts in the 50s (“Rocket-bye Baby,” etc.).

Otherwise, everything else about this one made me react, well, “meh.” That and wondering why Daffy was made *this* stupid for this series. While “dimbulb” Daffy was seen somewhat on “Duck Dodgers,” on this series he occasionally feels a bit too much like Master Shake from “Aqua Teen Hunger Force.” Then again, I suppose seeing Bugs deliver advice to Porky on not buying upsells/buying auto insurance (and not making any attempt to get back at the people shamelessly ripping off Porky, as Bugs might’ve in the old shorts) isn’t particularly “Looney” either…

Of course, we’ve seen Daffy caring for children before (usually ineptly), including babysitting in shorts such as 1948’s “The Up-Standing Sitter”; while it’s a minor Daffy short, it was still funnier than the main plot tonight.

For the backup segments, tonight’s “Merry Melodie” was a song about Pepe le Pew’s “charms,” oddly showing him wooing human women instead of the cat with a stripe down her back (though her picture’s seen taped to Pepe’s mirror). The Road Runner short, as usual, was the best part of the episode: “Camo-Coyote” sees Wile E. disguising himself as various pieces of scenery to try to catch the Road Runner, including as a boulder and as a piece of the highway itself. Oddly, after each disguises fails, the screen freeze-frames and shows a “disguise fail” on-screen stamp/game-show-buzzer noise.

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