“The Looney Tunes Show” review: “Fish and Visitors”

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Last updated on December 10th, 2021

This week’s episode of “The Looney Tunes Show” is entitled “Fish and Visitors.” (Yes, SPOILERS ahead; you’ve been warned.) The title is taken from Benjamin Franklin’s famous expression, “fish and visitors smell in three days.” An appropriate expression for this episode, where Yosemite Sam (in his first appearance in this series) moves in with Bugs and Daffy after an extended rainy streak ruins Sam’s plans to live “off the grid” and rely solely on solar power. Sam proves himself to be an obnoxious house guest, prompting the rabbit and the duck to take action.

One of the better episodes so far, though I could’ve done without the appearance of bedbugs as a gag (guess I’m used to fleas, termites or other insects, as seen in the old shorts). Bugs and Daffy both show more of their usual personas, though oddly, Yosemite Sam shows little of his trademark short-fuse temper. Then again, since firearms are all but banned in modern TV cartoons (unless it’s on an action or superhero series), there’s little chance of seeing Yosemite *literally* shoot off his mouth (or shoot at anyone) here. That might explain why this series has gone instead for portraying Sam as a highly eccentric “rugged individualist” type, interested in things such as mail-order brides, saving the aforementioned bedbugs in a glass jar, and trying on Bugs’ gloves (noting how “silky” they feel).

One scene has Bugs trying to scare Sam off by dressing as a ghost, which I suppose makes the second time (at least) I can recall Bugs doing so. The last time was in the “Bugs Bunny’s Looney Christmas Tales” special from 1979, during the “A Christmas Carol” segment (with Sam as Scrooge).

Other positives of this episode:

  • How Bugs scams Daffy into doing the household chores.
  • The stuff inside of Yosemite Sam’s house (including seeing the Crusher on Sam’s TV trying to rip some guy in half in a wrestling match!). That poor goldfish…
  • Porky as a DJ at Bugs and Daffy’s party.
  • While Sam’s karaoke song dragged out a bit too long, the “I’m never leaving” lines afterwards were funny.
  • Sam noting what to do if there’s a “tie on the doorknob…” Guess this show earned its TV-PG rating.
  • Sam’s “picture” he gave his mail-order bride.

This week’s Merrie Melodies song was “Chickenhawk,” a song about Henery Hawk’s love of, well, eating chicken, with Foghorn Leghorn trying to persuade him to eat something else, all to the tune of a 70s-style R&B song. This is the first song from the show that hasn’t had a preview released, so it was a complete surprise for me. Henery’s voice sounds a bit higher-pitched than I’m used to, but the song was fun (Porky get a cameo!). Hopefully Foghorn’s actual in-show appearance will also be a good one…

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