Google to end support for Picasa


On Friday, Google announced it’s ending its support for its desktop photo management software Picasa. The program will be available for downloading through March 15, 2016; after that point, no further updates will be provided. Google is offering support for either exporting photos from Picasa, on top of the photos being available through Google Photos. … Read more

Ways to attribute Flickr Creative Commons photos

Fremont bridge, Seattle

Creative Commons photos are quite useful for websites and bloggers, but do require attribution for their creators to be included. This includes the photos offered on services such as Flickr. The Creative Commons wiki recommends photo attribution includes the following information: Title of the photo Author of the photo Source of the photo, preferably as a link to … Read more

NY Public Library releases 180,000 public domain images

Harlem Dance

The New York Public Library has released over 180,000 public domain images from its collection. Said collection of images is largely photos and artwork, but also include various sheet music, manuscripts, maps, and so forth. Since all of the material is under the public domain, it’s free for anyone to use. NPR has more on this collection release. … Read more

Google+ Photos shutting down on August 1, 2015

Google Photos

Google’s recently spun off its popular Google+ Photos service into the stand-alone Google Photos, without the “+” or ties to Google’s less-than-popular Google+ social network. As such, the search engine giant is shutting down its Google+ Photos apps as of August 1, starting with the Android app, followed by the iOS and web versions. Users … Read more