2016 Daytime Emmy Award winners in animation

Peg + Cat

This weekend saw this year’s Daytime Emmy Awards take place. The Creative Arts Emmys were awarded on Friday, and the remainder of the Emmys were given on Sunday. For unfortunate reasons, this year’s ceremonies weren’t televised or streamed online, supposedly out of cost-related reasons. In this day and age, there shouldn’t be an excuse to not at least stream … Read more

Animation winners of the 2014 primetime Emmy Awards

Bob's Burgers

This year’s primetime Emmys were awarded last Monday night. As a followup to my post on the nominees, here’s a look at which ones have won (winners are in blue). The full list of Emmy winners is available here (plus the Emmys’ main site for the technical categories). Outstanding Animated Program “Archer” “Bob’s Burgers” “Futurama” “South Park” … Read more

2014 Primetime Emmy Award nominees in animation

Mickey Mouse Disney Channel shorts

This year’s nominees for the primetime Emmy Awards have been announced. A full list (in PDF format) of the nominees is available here. The nominees on the animation side of things include: Outstanding Animated Program “Archer” “Bob’s Burgers” “Futurama” “South Park” “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” Outstanding Short-Format Animated Program “Adventure Time” “Mickey Mouse” “Phineas and Ferb” … Read more

Animation winners of the 2014 Daytime Emmy Awards

MacBook Air on a table

The 2014 Daytime Emmy Awards were given out yesterday evening. Unlike previous award shows, this year’s couldn’t find a television network to carry it, so it was only streamed online. This begs the question: what’s the point of the Daytime Emmys, if the very medium it’s giving awards to won’t televise it? I suppose one could argue … Read more

38th annual Daytime Emmy Awards animation nominees announced

MacBook Air on a table

The 38th annual Daytime Emmy Awards nominees have been announced. While I wonder how badly this show will suffer in the coming years, given the cancellation of various soap operas (in favor of what the world “needs,” more reality shows), it’s still giving awards to various TV animated series. Here’s a list of this year’s … Read more