Super Bowl LIV halftime show and ad thoughts

Six Vince Lombardi trophies

Updated on February 12, 2022

Another Super Bowl has come and gone. Below are my thoughts on the commercials and halftime show for Super Bowl LIV; this year’s game featured the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers.


Best ads

  • McDonald’s, which had a montage of what various famous people would order. This extended to some fictional characters, such as Dracula (a pile of ketchup packets) and Marty McFly (a 1950s-wrapped McDonald’s meal).
  • Walmart, which had a follow-up to last year‘s “famous fictional cars” ad with a “famous fictional spaceships/futuristic vehicles” ad. Said vehicles included: the Enterprise (from one of the recent “Star Trek” incarnations), Bill and Ted’s phone booth, the car from “Men in Black,” the Martians from “Mars Attacks,” and even Marvin the Martian and K-9 (from Looney Tunes).
  • Little Caesar’s ad for its new delivery service featured a “sliced bread” company, which was amusing.
  • Amazon ran an Alexa ad with Ellen DeGeneres and a girlfriend/wife, who ponder “life before Alexa.” Cue a montage of various “historical”/”primitive” stand-ins for Alexa’s functions.
  • T-Mobile’s ad with a man’s mother demonstrating (annoyingly) how well their 5G service works.

Worst ads

  • By default, the worst ads of the night were the two for Donald Trump’s re-election campaign. Because, well, boorish corrupt racist.
  • Since it was also Groundhog Day, we got an ad tying into that Bill Murray film I never cared for.
  • An ongoing series of Tide ads, tying into other products (Bud Light, even the Wonder Woman sequel coming out), but felt forced/weak.
  • An attempt to kill off and give Mr. Peanut a funeral, only for him to come back to life as… a “Baby Peanut.” Some on Twitter felt this was a transparent attempt to cash in on the popularity of Baby Yoda. Not helping is A) Baby Mr. Peanut was CGI, not a puppet, and B) they used a hashtag that struck some as questionable/unintended innuendo.

The halftime show

The halftime show this year was Jennifer Lopez and Shakira, who were more prominent pop singers in the early aughts. I suppose it was OK.

The game itself

The game itself also was OK, though I had little interest in either team. (The teams I were rooting for, the Packers and the Seahawks, didn’t make it.)

“Front Side of Six Vince Lombardi Trophies” by daveynin is licensed under CC BY 2.0 (Flickr / cropped from original)

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