Anthony’s favorite WebOS apps: The Weather Channel and Convert

MacBook Air on a table

Making another entry in the favorite WebOS apps series are two apps I use for the weather, The Weather Channel and Convert. The Weather Channel’s app, created by the cable channel of the same name and available for free, offers a toolbar at the bottom that displays three buttons, each offering separate features/menus. The first … Read more

Comic reviews: Darkwing Duck #4, Shazam! #20, Marvel Adventures Spider-Man #6, Marvel Adventures Super Heroes #6

Comic books

Darkwing Duck #4 Written by: Ian Brill Art by: James Silvani The fourth and final installment of the comic’s opening storyline comes to a close, and was as well done as the previous three issues. We finally see Darkwing fully confront the villain behind Quackwerks, Taurus Bulba, as well as see the return of the … Read more

Anthony’s top WebOS apps: TipIt

MacBook Air on a table

Continuing the series of favorite WebOS apps, another favorite that I’ve made use of is TipIt, a tip calculator. TipIt, as its name suggests, calculates tip amounts based on the amount entered into the “subtotal” field, as well as the sales tax rate or dollar amount entered into the “tax” field. You may also set: … Read more

Anthony’s picks for Marvel for December 2010, Boom! Studios for November 2010

Comic book shop display

Here’s my selections for what’s on tap from Marvel Comics for December 2010 and Boom! Studios for November 2010 (December listings for Boom! were unavailable). Marvel What I’ll be buying: Super Hero Squad #12, on sale Dec. 2010, $3 What I’ll consider buying: Spider-Man (Marvel Adventures) #9, on sale Dec. 2010, $3 Super Heroes (Marvel … Read more

Anthony’s picks for Archie Comics for December 2010

Comic book shop display

Here’s what’s coming up (and what I’m interested in) for Archie Comics for December 2010. Given I usually buy Archie at bookstores (since my comic shop doesn’t carry Archie titles), I list two dates for Archie titles: the first for when it’s on sale at comic shops, the second for when it’s at newsstands. What … Read more

Anthony’s DC Comics picks for December 2010

Comic book shop display

A regular feature on my old blog, and one I’ll continue here, is looking over the comic companies’ monthly solicitations and offer my “picks” for what I’ll be buying (or consider buying). With that, let’s look over what’s coming out from DC Comics for December 2010, the final month of “the year we make contact.” … Read more

DVD review: Rocky and Bullwinkle season 4

Rocky the Flying Squirrel and Bullwinkle

Recently, I purchased the long-awaited season 4 release of “Rocky and Bullwinkle” on DVD. Episodes A two-disc set, this edition collects several storylines from the latter run of the classic Jay Ward produced series: Painting Theft: Boris and Natasha, after stealing valuable paintings, hide them at Bullwinkle’s house. They then try to get them back … Read more

Comics review: Tiny Titans #32, Super Hero Squad #9, Life With Archie #2

Comic books

Tiny Titans #32 Written by: Art Baltazar and Franco Art by: Art Baltazar This month’s “Titans” was, as usual, a pretty fun affair. This issue features Darkseid’s son, Kalibak, enrolling at the Titans’ school, and somehow managing to win over the faculty despite displaying an IQ and manners on par with Match (Superboy’s Bizarro-clone). Hijinks … Read more

Anthony “sells out” (to

MacBook Air on a table

After some consideration, I’ve decided to add, well, advertising to the site. Specifically,’s Associate ads. To be honest, I thought trying to bring in a little extra revenue (along with the PayPal donate button) via the blog would be nice, plus seems to allow for more finite control over what type of ads … Read more

Anthony’s top WebOS apps: Sports Calendar

MacBook Air on a table

Continuing in the series of favorite WebOS programs, today’s featured app is Sports Calendar. As its name implies, Sports Calendar offers schedules of upcoming games for a wide variety of sports. Additionally, it¬†allows you to subscribe to your favorite teams’ schedules, as well as list their upcoming scheduled games on the WebOS calendar. Sports covered … Read more