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Updated on December 10, 2021

Here’s a look at what comics are coming out in December from non-DC/Marvel publishers.


A full list of solicitations is available here.

  • Josie and the Pussycats #3, on sale Dec. 7, $4

Boom! Studios

A full list of solicitations is available here.

  • Goldie Vance #8, $4
  • Lumberjanes #33, $4
  • Mega Princess #2 (of 5), $4


A full list of solicitations is available here.

  • Jem and the Holograms #22, $4
  • Jem: The Misfits #1, $4
  • Back to the Future #15, $4
  • Back to the Future: Citizen Brown TPB, $20
  • Atomic Robo and the Temple of Od #5 (of 5), $4


Archie debuts this month a new comic starring Reggie Mantle, titled “Reggie and Me.” I’m wondering why they renamed Reggie’s dog (formerly “Runty”) “Vader”; it feels like a trademark dispute waiting to happen. Reggie’s sporadically starred in his own comics in the past, most prominently the series “Reggie and Me,” which ran from 1966 to 1980.

A trade paperback is being released of the “Back to the Future” series “Citizen Brown.” It’s based on a recent BTTF-related video game involving alternate timelines (of course). The same game reveals Biff Tannen’s father was a Depression-era mobster. Until this point, some theorized Biff’s dad might’ve been the US army sergeant “Frank Tannen” that appears in a World War II-set episode of the 90s animated series. I suppose Frank might be an uncle; Biff would’ve been in grade school during the war.

“Jem and the Holograms” has been successful enough that it’s getting a spin-off ongoing series, starring the Misfits.

The final issue of the latest “Atomic Robo” miniseries is also out this month.


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