October 4, 2012

Minorities in cartoons: Joe Doman

Minorities in cartoons: Joe Doman

This week’s minorities in cartoons entry is Joe Doman, a character in Darby Conley’s newspaper comic strip “Get Fuzzy.”


Joe was a frequently appearing character in the strip’s earlier days.

Joe is Rob’s best (human) friend and coworker at the ad agency both work at. Joe’s interests are similar to those of Rob’s, including an interest in rugby. Unlike Rob, Joe A) has no pets of his own, B) dates more often, and C) isn’t a vegetarian.

Topping off all of this is that Bucky actually seems to like Joe, including letting Joe pet him. Perhaps not being vegetarian is a factor, given Bucky’s antipathy toward Rob’s vegetarian ways.

Reflecting other changes in the strip since its earliest days, Joe’s stopped regularly appearing in the strip. The strip explains it as Joe having gotten a job in France.

(Updated 11/15/16)

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