Minorities in cartoons: Misty Knight

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Updated on December 10, 2021

This week’s minorities in cartoons entry is Misty Knight, a detective and crime fighter who appears in various Marvel Comics. “Misty” (her real first name’s “Mercedes”) was first mentioned in “Marvel Premiere” #20 (January 1975), and first appeared in the following issue. She was created by Tony Isabella and Arvell Jones.


Misty’s backstory states she was an officer with the New York Police Department. One day, she was severely injured while preventing a bomb explosion, forcing an arm to become amputated. Refusing to take a desk job, however, Misty instead resigned from the force. She then opened a private investigation agency with her friend, Colleen Wing. Colleen was someone Misty had befriended/saved during the above bomb incident.

The new agency, “Nightwing Restorations Ltd.”, saw the duo investigate various missing persons cases and other crimes. Colleen and Misty made use of their combined martial arts skills. This earned them the nickname “Daughters of the Dragon.”

Misty eventually gained a bionic replacement arm built by Stark Industries, offering her limited super-strength. Years later, the arm would be upgraded by Stark to perform other feats. This included the ability to dissolve adamantium, Marvel’s (and Wolverine’s) famous super-tough metal.

The “Daughters” soon met Luke Cage (a.k.a. “Power Man”) and Iron Fist. Misty and Iron Fist soon began dating extensively.

Like other Marvel characters, Misty’s been involved in Marvel’s multitude of crossovers, including “Civil War.” She’s also headed a later incarnation of Luke Cage’s team “Heroes For Hire.” ” Misty also has been on the superhero team the Defenders.

Other media

Misty’s also made a few appearances outside of comics. Misty appeared in an episode of “Super Hero Squad,” where she was voiced by Tamera Mowry (Tamera from TV’s “Sister, Sister”).

She’s also appeared in a few video games. Misty made a non-speaking cameo appearance in “Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3” (in Iron Fist’s ending sequence), and in the MMO game “Marvel Heroes.” The latter sees Misty voiced by Cynthia Kae McWilliams.

Misty’s most prominent recent appearance is as a supporting character on the 2016 Netflix series “Luke Cage.” There, she’s played by actress Simone Missick.

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