Minorities in cartoons: El Dorado

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Updated on December 10, 2021

Completing the various minority Super Friends members, this week we’ll look at El Dorado. The hero was introduced during the early 1980s run of the show.


El Dorado possessed various vaguely defined powers, including the ability to cast illusions and some mental abilities (including possibly telepathy). One episode shows him physically fighting the villainous Kalibak, which’d suggest he also possesses super-strength.

El Dorado’s most noted ability, however, is his teleportation power. He did this by wrapping his cape around himself (and whatever or whoever he’s teleporting).

Unlike Samurai and Apache Chief, El Dorado never received an origin story, nor an actual civilian name. However, his debut episode (dealing with Aztec ruins) reveals he’s Mexican.

Finally, no, I don’t know why he was named after the fabled lost Latin American city.

Other media

Similar to the other minority Super Friends, El Dorado largely vanished after the end of the “Super Friends” series. Since then, he’s only been seen either in parodies, such as on Adult Swim, or through pastiches, such as on “Young Justice.”

Voice actor

Fernando Escandon voiced El Dorado. Escandon is a Mexican actor (both live-action and animation) as well as radio announcer. One of his roles is a voiceover for the TV series “Breaking Bad.”

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