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“Dog Man” dominates March 2021 New York Times graphic novel best seller list

Here’s a look at the New York Times graphic novel best seller list for March 2021.

The top five best sellers

  1. “Cat Kid Comic Club,” by Dav Pilkey (Amazon, Bookshop, Kobo)
  2. “Claudia and the New Girl,” written by Ann M. Martin, art by Gabriela Epstein (Amazon, Bookshop, Kobo)
  3. “Grime and Punishment,” by Dav Pilkey (Amazon, Bookshop, Kobo)
  4. “In Love & Pajamas,” by Catana Chetwynd (Amazon, Bookshop, Kobo)
  5. “The Dark Secret,” written by Tui T. Sutherland, art by Mike Holmes (Amazon, Bookshop, Kobo)

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“Dog Man” series dominates this month’s list

Dog Man: Grime and Punishment
Image from “Dog Man: Grime and Punishment.” Art by Dav Pilkey. (Scholastic)

Dav Pilkey’s “Dog Man” series of graphic novels have dominated such sales for awhile, and this month’s no exception. The series of books make up six of the 15 slots: series spin-off “Cat Kid Comic Club” (in the #1 spot again); “Grime and Punishment” (#3); “Fetch-22” (#6); “For Whom the Ball Rolls” (#8); “Brawl of the Wild” (#9); and “Lord of the Fleas” (#12).

Other graphic novels

“In Love & Pajamas” is a collection of cartoons about the casual aspects of being a couple. I’m guessing Valentine’s Day gave it a boost in sales; as of this writing, it’s ranked on Amazon as the #2 “romantic graphic novel.”

“Claudia and the New Girl” is one of two “Baby-Sitters Club” books on the list. I’ve never read any of those books (the graphic novels or the original prose versions), but I know they do have a strong following.

“The Dark Secret” is part of a series of fantasy books about dragons.

“Gina: The Girl Who Broke the World” (at #14) is also part of a series of graphic novels—the “Hilo” series, created by Judd Winick. Winick is known for his work on various DC comics (mostly Batman, Green Lantern, and Green Arrow), as well as creating the Cartoon Network series “The Life and Times of Juniper Lee.” He also appeared in the third season of MTV’s “The Real World,” and created a graphic novel in honor of castmate (and HIV/AIDS educator) Pedro Zamora.

Image from “Dog Man: Grime and Punishment.” Art by Dav Pilkey. (Scholastic)

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