“Love and Capes” returns in February for a five-part miniseries

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Updated on December 10, 2021

Love and Capes: Ever After #5
Art by Thom Zahler.

Thom Zahler’s “superhero romantic comedy” series “Love and Capes” is returning in February (in time for Valentine’s Day) for a five-issue miniseries entitled “Love and Capes: Ever After.” The miniseries picks up where the previous comic series left off, focusing on the married life of newlywed couple Mark and Abby. Zahler was recently interviewed by Comic Book Resources on the new miniseries (update: dead link)


I enjoyed reading the original series, even though my local shop didn’t carry it. (That might change for this new miniseries, with the change in publishers to IDW). After getting various Free Comic Book Day issues, I finally got to buy the rest of the run at last year’s C2E2 in Chicago, where I also had the privilege of meeting Mr. Zahler himself (who also autographed the issues for me).

The description of the upcoming miniseries sounds amusing, especially the take-off on Red Kryptonite. The cover pictured here (one of the miniseries issues’ covers) also is funny. I wonder if it’s intentionally meant to be a take-off on “Action Comics” #97 from 1946 (a Golden Age cover I saw once featuring Superman also begrudgingly using his flying power to help someone perform a “magic” levitation act). Obscure reference, I know (though Hocus and Pocus were used again recently after being dormant since the Golden Age, in an issue of the Johnny DC “Super Friends” of all places).


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