Linux Mint 15 Xfce is coming soon

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Updated on December 10, 2021

Coming soon is Linux Mint 15 Xfce (“Olivia”), currently available as a Release Candidate. The popular Linux distro’s recently released version 15 of its main desktop environments (MATE and Cinnamon).

New developments for Mint 15 Xfce include:

  • The newest version of Xfce, version 4.10. Mostly incremental improvements, plus a few new features. More details about it here.
  • A new version of MDM (version 1.2), providing new login screen functionality.
  • A new component named Mint Sources (aka “Software Sources”), for managing third-party software sources, etc.
  • MintDrivers, another new component, is a new front-end for Ubuntu’s backend for handling drivers.
  • Updates for the Software Manager, Welcome screen, and some new desktop wallpaper.

Mint 15 Xfce is based on Ubuntu 13.04, and comes with Linux kernel version 3.8.

For a full description of the new features, see Linux Mint’s site.

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