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Updated on December 10, 2021

Picture of my HP laptopTo keep up the tech side of things on the blog, I thought I’d post my progress on looking for a newer laptop.

Now that Ivy Bridge-powered gear is finally being released, I’m ready to actually buy a replacement for this one (a three-year-old HP laptop that’s worked well, but I want something newer). So far, the main brands I’m considering are: Lenovo, particularly the IdeaPad line; HP; and Dell. The last one I’m more skittish about, given my negative experience with a refurbished Dell laptop several years ago (and Dell’s tech support).

The main models I’m considering, based on articles I’ve read on various tech sites (Engadget, etc.):

  • HP: HP plans to release in mid-June or so various Ivy Bridge updates across the line, plus redesigns to their existing models. Since the current HP laptop’s worked fine, HP’s in the running for consideration.
  • Lenovo: While initially announced last winter, the IdeaPad U310 (14″) and U410 (15″) ultrabooks were once more announced several days ago. The pictures and specs (and pricing) sound right, even if the screen’s 1366×768. While I know the resolution (despite being the only one offered for most non-high end laptops) is now considered low end, I’m not up in arms about it like others online. Lenovo’s website lists the models as “coming soon,” with no availability date yet.
  • Dell: Dell seems to be rolling out its Ivy Bridge updates across its laptop line. While I didn’t want to leave Dell out of the running this time around, I admit I’m favoring HP or Lenovo more. Also, I’m still haunted by the negative Dell experience from 2009. (Ironically, my Dell desktop from 2007 still works well, currently as my mother’s computer.)

As noted before, my main uses will be running Linux, writing, online stuff (including updating/maintaining this blog), and general multimedia, including ripping my own DVDs.

Which model will I (or should I) go with? If anyone has any input, feel free to let me know.


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