Next from HP, the Stream Mini: the “Chromebox killer?”

HP Stream Mini

Announced this week at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas are a pair of computers meant to compete with the Chromebox, the small-sized desktop computers that run Chrome OS. Similar to Chromebooks (or the Mac Mini in the OS X world), Chromeboxes are meant to offer an inexpensive, cloud-based computing solution, if one uses their … Read more

Anthony gets a new HP laptop and moves to Linux Mint

MacBook Air on a table

As the subject line says, I’ve finally gotten a newer laptop to replace the trusty-but-aging (and wearing out) HP Pavilion dv6-1230us I bought at an OfficeDepot three years ago this month. The replacement? An HP Pavilion m6-1045dx (yes, HP loves its model numbering), which Engadget mentions here. While it’s being sold as a back-to-school type … Read more

Tech thoughts: My first week with the Xbox, plus WebOS back from the dead?

MacBook Air on a table

It’s been about a week and a half since I’ve gotten my Xbox 360, and so far, I’ve been enjoying the experience. The main games I’ve been playing have been “Marvel vs. Capcom 3” and “Fable III,” though more the former in the last few days, particularly for its online game-playing options (via Xbox Live). … Read more

Tech thoughts: Requiem for WebOS, plus $99 TouchPads?!

MacBook Air on a table

The online tech world still mourns (sort of) the passing of WebOS… with everyone and their brother giving their two cents on why WebOS failed. Here’s some of the aftermath of this week’s WebOS-axing announcement: Microsoft is trying to get now-former WebOS developers to join them, offering free WP7 phones, etc. Guess that’d make sense; … Read more

HP to install WebOS alongside Windows on all PCs starting in 2012

MacBook Air on a table

Ars Technica reports that starting next year, HP plans on including WebOS with all of its shipping PCs, alongside the usual Windows 7 install. I assume WebOS will be available as a bootable or virtual option on HP machines. Given its anemic market share among smartphones (and the unusual nature of this plan), not sure how … Read more

New WebOS products announced, no more “Palm” brand

MacBook Air on a table

Today, HP held a big press conference to announce several new products using WebOS (Palm’s smartphone operating system): Two new smartphones were announced, the Veer and the Pre 3. The Veer, like the short-lived Microsoft Kin, is a smallish-sized slider phone, replacing the Pixi. Meanwhile, the Pre 3 replaces the previous Pre models, but … Read more