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Kevin Keller gets a superhero identity, serves as GLAAD’s 2013 “Spirit Day” ambassador

I’m a bit late posting this, but October 17 was “Spirit Day,” the annual day (spearheaded by gay rights group GLAAD) where various people wear purple (or change their online avatars purple) as a way of taking a stand against anti-LGBT bullying. This year, GLAAD made Archie’s Kevin Keller (this year’s winner of its comic award) its fictional ambassador for Spirit Day.

Along with this came an interview in USA Today with creator Dan Parent. Among other things, Kevin will be gaining his own superhero identity a la Arche’s “Pureheart the Powerful” and Betty’s “SuperTeen”: a hero known as “The Equalizer.” Interesting, even if it reminds me of that old 80s TV show of the same name, or of the guy on the “Sabrina the Teenage Witch” sitcom whose job it was to “equalize” stuff/actions/etc. magically.

Here’s a picture of what Kevin’s superhero outfit looks like.

Kevin Keller as the Equalizer

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