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Hulu now offers animated GIFs of popular shows

Updated on December 10, 2021

I can’t say I’ve ever been big on animated GIFs. It’s likely from my negative impressions/experiences with them back in the late 90s, when they were just one more large-ish file to download over dial-up, looked annoying, and tended to crash my browsers. Even today, I usually prefer a static image or an actual video over animated GIFs. Despite my feelings, animated GIFs have managed to make a big comeback in recent years, and now Hulu‘s getting into the GIF game.

Hulu’s launched a customized Tumblr site for its animated GIFs. “The Perfect GIF” not only weighs into the GIF pronunciation debate, but offers a broad range of shows. Animated show offerings include: “Archer,” “Bob’s Burgers,” “Daria,” “Family Guy,” “Hey Arnold,” “SpongeBob,” Hulu animated series “The Awesomes,” and “Ren and Stimpy.”

The GIFs come with the logo of their parent network and a Hulu hashtag embedded, which might annoy those used to network-logo-free fan-made GIFs that’re the online norm.

Browsing through the “Daria” ones made me recall some of my favorite moments from the show, though I assume “Family Guy,” “Spongebob,” and “Bob’s Burgers” will be the most popular animated show GIFs.


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