How to create an About page (and how mine stands up)

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Last updated on December 10th, 2021

Having an About page (also called an “About Me” page, among other variants) is an important part of having a website. But in what ways does an About page matter?

The website Who Is Hosting This created the following infographic about the importance of an About page, as well as mistakes to avoid.

Infographic on creating About pages
Infographic by Who Is Hosting This

How does my site’s About page stand up?

Important elements of an About page

My About page explains who I am, how to reach me, and what my blog’s about. The sidebar contains links to my social media accounts, popular and featured posts, and the option to sign up to receive blog posts and updates via email.

A strong beginning

My opening’s admittedly short, so “strong” might be debatable.

Explaining who I am

I explain who I am, where I live, and some other background about the blog. I also answer a few questions, Frequently Asked Question list style, namely my favorite comics and what operating systems I use. There’s also a photograph of myself (albeit a few years old by now).

Explaining my blog

I outline what my blog’s about, and link to my “Hire Me” page, which delves into what freelance services I can provide.

Providing some details about my interests also establishes the tone and focus of my blog. For example, the comics side of my blog focuses more on esoteric characters like Squirrel Girl or webcomics like “Questionable Content,” versus the latest Batman stories or DC/Marvel crossovers. (I generally dislike grim-toned superhero stories, so my recommended comics lists shy away from such.)

On the tech side, I occasionally write tech advice guides, offering tips that I explain in (hopefully) an easy-to-understand manner.

I also mention how often the blog’s updated.

A strong closing

Again, I list where I can be reached, and how.

Mistakes to avoid

I’ve been making the blog less of a wall of text and more readable lately. As for not being “boring,” hopefully I’ve managed to not do that!

That said, there’s always room for improvement, so my About page can and likely will change in the future.

Does your blog have an About page, and how does it compare to the infographic’s suggestions?

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