Google’s 2015 year in review

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Last updated on December 10th, 2021

Search giant Google has posted its figures for the top searches for 2015.

The top search subjects are a mix of news, sports, and other events. Google’s created this interactive infographic:

Google’s global list of top subjects searched for in 2015:

  1. The Paris terrorist attacks, particularly the one in November
  2. “Star Wars”
  3. Water found on Mars
  4. The 2015 Rugby World Cup, which saw New Zealand defeat Australia for the championship
  5. Queen Elizabeth becoming the longest-reigning British monarch
  6. The Volkswagen emissions scandal
  7. The Syrian migrant crisis
  8. The shooting of Cecil the lion
  9. The 2015 women’s World Cup, which saw the US beat Japan for the championship
  10. The Iran nuclear deal
  11. The Greece economic crisis
  12. China’s economic crunch
  13. The FIFA corruption scandal
  14. The Nepal earthquake
  15. The 2015 cricket World Cup, which saw Australia defeat New Zealand for the championship
  16. Various deceased famous figures, including Leonard Nimoy
  17. The 2015 Oscars
  18. That debate over the color of a dress

Google’s global results differ in many aspects from the US specific results. Among the US-specific results: Caitlyn Jenner, Black Lives Matter, and same-sex marriage‘s legalization. While rugby and cricket aren’t heavily prominent here stateside, the Kansas City Royals’ World Series win did make Google’s list.

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