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Flickr Pro is back

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Updated on December 10, 2021

Yahoo, the owners of photo hosting site Flickr, has announced it’s bringing back Flickr Pro subscriptions. A few years ago, Flickr was revamped, with accounts gaining 1TB of photo storage space for free. No new Pro accounts were allowed; existing Pro users could keep paying for Pro. In exchange, they’d get… the ads removed. Needless to say, I let my Pro subscription lapse.

Now, Pro is open to the public again, this time with a few extra features offered. For $50/year, users will get ads removed, access to viewing statistics for photos (similar to Google Analytics or WordPress.com’s stats), a badge announcing Pro status, and a 20% discount on an Adobe Creative Cloud Photography plan. Storage space will stay at 1TB, however.

Flickr’s previous changes have been fairly well liked, but Yahoo’s obviously decided it can’t stay complacent with competition from Google, Facebook, and professional photography sites like 500px. While casual photographers won’t shell out for Pro, professional or more dedicated amateur photographers might be interested.

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