Anthony’s comics picks for April 2020

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Last updated on December 10th, 2021

Here’s my look at what comics of interest are coming out for April 2020.


A full list of solicitations is available here.

  • Betty & Veronica: The Bond of Friendship OGN, on sale Apr. 22, $15
  • Sabrina: Something Wicked #1 (of 5), on sale Apr. 1, $4

Boom! Studios

A full list of solicitations is available here.

  • Lumberjanes #73, $4

DC Comics

A full list of solicitations is available here.

  • You Brought Me the Ocean GN, on sale June 3, $17
  • Wonder Woman: Tempest Tossed GN, on sale May 27, $17


A full list of solicitations is available here.

  • Miles Morales, vol. 3 TPB, $16


You Brought Me the Ocean GN
“You Brought Me the Ocean.” (DC Comics)

Archie’s “Betty and Veronica” graphic novel is out this month. The preview makes it look interesting, especially the art by Brittney Williams of “Goldie Vance” fame. We’re also getting a new “Sabrina the Teenage Witch” miniseries, a follow-up to the one released last year. I do wonder what Archie’s May solicitations will look like, with the rest of their single-issue titles wrapping up miniseries this month.

Speaking of wrapping up, the solicitation for “Lumberjanes” makes mention of summer finally coming to an end… which would imply the series ending with it? The Free Comic Book Day “Lumberjanes” title seems to tie into the idea of our heroes’ extremely-long summer finally ending.

DC’s announced two more graphic novels, a Wonder Woman one and an Aqualad one. The former seems tied into the upcoming Wonder Woman movie, as part of a boatload of Wonder Woman graphic novels, trade paperbacks, and other reprints. The Aqualad graphic novel, meanwhile, is seeing its released timed for LGBT Pride Month. That, and it features the lead character having a crush on a classmate.

Meanwhile, Marvel’s got another major crossover event, “Empyre.” Presumably, a certain Chicago-based carpet company and their infamously catchy jingle isn’t tied into this.

“Graphic Novels” by morebyless is licensed under CC BY 2.0 (Flickr / cropped from original)

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