Comic review: Love and Capes: Ever After #3

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Last updated on February 26th, 2023

Love and Capes: Ever After #3
Art by Thom Zahler.

Love and Capes: Ever After #3 (of 5)

Written by: Thom Zahler
Art by: Thom Zahler

In the third installment of this five-issue miniseries, we see Abby and Mark attend Abby’s high school reunion. Meanwhile, Amazonia, Darkblade and Charlotte all reconcile their current (and former) relationship and friendship statuses with each other.

Another enjoyable issue. Like the previous issue, this issue contains more development of Darkblade’s background, including a few revelations about his past (apparently he was more Tony Stark than Bruce Wayne). I also thought it was amusing to see what “housewarming gifts” Darkblade and Amazonia gave Mark and Abby.

Yes, the two main stars of the book got their moments as well… “life-affirming epiphany,” heh. (Between that and the 90s references, I assume Abby’s 28 or 33?). I might’ve related more to a few of the high school reunion moments if I’d ever been to one (my high school class hasn’t held one yet, as far as I know of), or if I had more about high school to be nostalgic about…

Finally, I wonder if what’s written on Mark’s t-shirt (“Martini Ranch”?) is a reference to something in particular?

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