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Comic review: Kevin Keller #1

Kevin Keller #1Kevin Keller #1

Written by: Dan Parent
Art by: Dan Parent

Yes, it’s finally here: the first issue of Kevin Keller’s stand-alone title. As far as I can tell (unless someone wishes to correct me), this is currently the only comic title from a mainstream comic company starring a gay male character (DC has fellow-GLAAD-award-nominee Batwoman, while both DC and Marvel have LGBT folk as members of various teams).

The issue focuses on Kevin dealing with something that he’s not good at: dating. As he prepares to go on his first real date, Kevin’s family and friends give him various bits of advice, some useful (the ever-popular “be yourself”), some not so useful (such as Archie’s advice, and Jughead’s equally-funny followup on Archie’s advice).

The story has Kevin break the fourth wall (like some Archie stories occasionally do) to sum up his background for any new readers. We also get to see the rest of the main Archie gang with their usual personalities on display. As for Kevin himself, we get to see him also engaged in the usual Archie-style hijinks (read: some slapstick humor). The story also puts to rest the already-tired jokes about Kevin being the “only gay guy in Riverdale,” with several prospective dates shown.

I look forward to the second issue of this bimonthly title!

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