Cartoons at the box office: “The Nut Job” avoids being demoted, “Frozen” freezes fourth

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Last updated on December 10th, 2021

The Nut JobThis weekend’s box office sees “The Nut Job,” lacking much competition for new family-friendly fare, hold its third place position from last week. “The Nut Job” earned $12.3 million this weekend, for a total to date of $40.3 million. Since the film cost $42 million to produce, it’ll easily be profitable for its studio, which might explain why it’s already announced a sequel, due in 2016.

Meanwhile, “Frozen” went up a notch to fourth place, earning $9 million for a total to date of $347.8 million. Having earned $810 million worldwide so far, Forbes seems to think earning $1 billion isn’t out of reach. It’s likely to surpass “Despicable Me 2″‘s domestic total soon (it earned $368 million).

As I noted last week, “I Frankenstein” opened this week, but flopped, so the above numbers didn’t shift much from last week. Next week sees two new movies open, however, so things will surely shift more.

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