Cartoons at the box office: “Guardians” tops the weakest box office in years

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Last updated on December 10th, 2021

Box Office Mojo notes that this weekend’s box office, which saw no major new films opening and comes on the heels of Labor Day weekend, is the weakest box office since 2008. As such, “Guardians of the Galaxy” for the fourth weekend in a row has topped the box office, earning $10.2 million (-40.5% from last weekend). Its domestic totals stand at $294.6 million and international total at $291.6 million, for a global total of $586.2 million.

The most noteworthy news is that “Guardians” has now surpassed the $291 million domestic total of “Man of Steel,” which might say something about Rocket and his friends’ popularity, or DC/WB’s decision to go with “grimdark” Supes (and more of the same for the legally-named sequel). Whether “Guardians” will reach $700 million globally (or surpass “Man of Steel”‘s $668 million global take) is under debate; Box Office Mojo thinks it will, while Forbes has doubts. The only other films to stay #1 for four weekends in a row, per Box Office Mojo, are “The Dark Knight,” “Avatar,” and “The Hunger Games.”

Meanwhile, “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” came in second place, earning $6.5 million (-45.5%) for a domestic total of $174.6 million, international total of $125.6 million, and global total of $300.2 million.

Bobbing back up into the top 10 is “Lucy,” which came in tenth place with $2 million (-29.4%). “Lucy”‘s global total stands at $313.4 million, and led this weekend’s international box office.

If curious, the only new release this weekend was the faith-based “The Identical,” which flopped with an 11th-place opening of $1.9 million.

Next weekend sees opening the thriller “No Good Deed” and family film “Dolphin Tale 2.” I assume the first major family film in awhile will see its non-talking dolphins finally knock the talking raccoon out of first place.

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