Blog status update (May 2020): Changing the main page

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Updated on March 19, 2023

For this month’s blog status update, I’ve given the main page of the website an overhaul.

For most of my blog’s existence, the front page has been WordPress’ default chronological order blog listings. However, as long-time readers know, I’ve often pondered to what degree the technology-related posts and media-related posts should be separated. Basically, I wonder if some of those interested in my posts about Amazon-the-company won’t want to read about Wonder Woman, the Amazon superhero (and vice-versa). There’s also my wanting to better indicate what my blog has to offer.

So, I’ve switched the default blog page to a customized page. Keeping the same theme I’ve had for several years (ThemeZee’s Poseidon), I used the “magazine homepage” template. I’ve added WordPress (or ClassicPress in my case) widgets for several sections:

  • Featured, for featured blog posts I want to highlight.
  • Media, showing the four most recent media category posts.
  • Tech, showing the four most recent tech category posts.

I also added category descriptions for the latter two, and deleted the “Misc” category (folding most of its posts under the “Tech” category).

Hopefully, highlighting the tech and media categories a bit more separately will satisfy those interested in just one or the other. Adding featured posts to the main page also looks better than buried in the blog’s sidebar, and shows new visitors some of my best blog material.

While there’s the option to also create a separate blog page featuring a traditional blog setup, it didn’t seem necessary.

In the future, I might also consider highlighting my portfolio on the main page, or anything else as needed.

How do you feel about the page changes?

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