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Updated on December 10, 2021

Yes, it’s time for my obligatory update on recent changes to the blog.

Meet the new web host, same as the old web host

After a year with SiteGround, I’ve decided to change my site’s web host back to the previous one, MDDHosting. The reason’s mostly economic; I currently don’t have the funds to pay for an entire year’s renewal fee all at once, and SiteGround doesn’t offer a month-to-month option. Otherwise, I’ve got nothing against SiteGround, as it’s been a very nice web host.

I didn’t have any problems with MDDHosting. It has decent features and support on its shared hosting accounts, and it’s fairly inexpensive. MDDHosting is a small company based in Indiana, though its servers are located in Denver. It’s also not owned by GoDaddy or web host conglomerate EIG, a big plus.

The other web hosts I looked at either didn’t offer monthly payments, were expensive, had negative reviews, or were problematic in some other way. One company’s site kept displaying the page text only in Spanish for some reason; selecting the site’s language drop-down menu didn’t change it back. Another had insecure/mixed content page warnings thrown up on its page for sign ups/accepting payments.

I opted to migrate the site on my own, rather than ask MDDHosting to do it. Everything seems to have gone well, and is working OK. (If not, please let me know in the comments!)

The site’s new name/domain

As I wrote last month, I changed my site’s name from “Anthony’s Notes” to “Diverse Tech Geek.” So far, the new name seems reasonably well received (or at least no backlash).

As expected, site traffic initially took a slight dip from the changeover, though it seems back to normal by now. That said, traffic from social media sources seems slightly up, even if I don’t exactly have tons of Facebook page likes.

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