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Anthony’s trade paperback picks for December 2012

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Updated on December 10, 2021

Best of Dan DeCarlo, vol. 1Here’s what trade paperbacks of interest are coming out for December 2012. Information taken from various solicitations plus Amazon.com’s listings.


  • Showcase Presents: The Justice League of America, vol. 6, on sale Jan. 23, $20
  • Green Lantern: The Animated Series, on sale Jan. 16, $13


  • Spider-Man: Ends of the Earth TPB, $25


  • Popeye, vol. 1, on sale Dec. 25, $18
  • Archie: The Best of Dan DeCarlo, vol. 1 TPB, on sale Dec. 18, $18


This month sees a paperback version of Dan DeCarlo’s “Best of” series of Archie comics come out.

“Ends of the Earth” was a fun Spider-Man storyline, even if (like the various multicolored Lanterns at DC nowadays) I prefer the original green Hulk.

Showcase’s volume 6 of the Justice League of America includes the 70s “Crisis on Earth-X” storyline.


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