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Anthony’s picks for Marvel for October 2012

Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #16.1Here’s what’s of interest from Marvel for October 2012. Full solicitations may be found here.

Comics I’ll be buying

  • Amazing Spider-Man #695, on sale Oct. 3, $4
  • Amazing Spider-Man #696, on sale Oct. 17, $4
  • Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #16, on sale Oct. 3, $4

Comics I might buy

  • Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #16.1, on sale Oct. 31, $3


Marvel this month’s pushing its own take on the “New 52,” “Marvel Now!” “Now” involves yet another renumbering/relaunch of their books’ titles. Despite the relaunch putting on ice some of their more prominent solo titles (“Fantastic Four,” “The Incredible Hulk”), I doubt they’ll be permanently gone, especially given the issue numbering on the likes of “Fantastic Four.” Being Marvel, this relaunch, fortunately, is just that, and not a DC-style wholesale continuity-trashing reboot.

“Ultimate Comics Spider-Man” is getting a “Point 1” issue. The regular issue meanwhile will apparently see the Ultimates show up.


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