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Anthony’s picks for Marvel for January 2013

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Updated on December 10, 2021

Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #19Here’s what’s of interest out from Marvel for January 2013.


  • Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #19, $4

Trade Paperbacks

  • Spider-Man: Dying Wish (HC), $20


This month sees more of the new “Superior Spider-Man,” which Dan Slott is writing, but not much (as of this writing) is known about. Still, I’m not particularly interested in reading about a mainstream Marvel Universe replacement-Spidey; I can still recall that awful Spider-Clone junk from the 90s.

“Dying Wish” is a hardcover collection of the final (for now) issues of “Amazing Spider-Man.”

Meanwhile in the Ultimate universe, Miles Morales faces off against some Ultimate version of Venom.

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