Anthony’s picks for Marvel for December 2011

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Updated on December 10, 2021

Here’s what’s of interest for Marvel for December 2011:

Comics I’ll buy

  • Marvel Adventures Spider-Man #21, on sale Dec. 28, $3
  • Marvel Adventures Super Heroes #21, on sale Dec. 14, $3

Comics I might buy

  • Marvel Holiday Special 2011, on sale Dec. 14, $4
  • Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #5, on sale Dec. 21, $4
  • Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #6, on sale Jan. 4, $4


Unlike DC, Marvel’s putting out a full-fledged holiday special this year (well, reprints of some previous series). Though I highly doubt it’ll be rated “T+”, the same rating Newsarama lists for Marvel Adventures Spidey… huh?! Though “Wolverine plays ice hockey” sounds like it’d be amusing…

Magneto appears in this month’s “Marvel Adventures Spider-Man,” while the Hulk is in “Super Heroes.”

An omnibus edition that finally collects “Untold Tales of Spider-Man” (a 90s series by Kurt Busiek that took place during Spidey’s earliest comics) is coming out. While I’ve wanted to see the whole run collected (which I don’t believe it has), $100 for an 800-page(!) book *might* not be something I can exactly swing…


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