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Anthony’s picks for Archie for June 2012

Updated on December 10, 2021

Archie #634Here’s what’s of interest from Archie for June 2012. Full solicitations are available here.

Comics I’ll be buying

  • Archie #634, on sale June 27, $3
  • Life With Archie #21, on sale July 11, $4

Comics I might buy

  • Betty and Veronica Double Digest #203, on sale July 11, $4


Lots of summer-themed covers this month (read: Betty and Veronica—and Archie, Reggie, etc.—in swimsuits). There’s also a lot of reprints of Dan DeCarlo’s artwork, including in a special hardcover volume of various Archie artists’ work.

“Archie” sees the wrapup of the Archie-marries-Valerie storyline, on what sounds like a really weird (but possibly entertaining) note.

“Life With Archie” has the reappearance of the adult Cheryl Blossom, an appearance that’s made the news recently (SPOILERS).

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