Anthony’s picks for Archie Comics for May 2011

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Last updated on December 10th, 2021

Jughead #207Here’s what I’m interested in from Archie Comics for May 2011. As usual, the dates are listed in order of comic shop and newsstand availability.

What I’ll be buying

  • Archie & Friends #155, on sale May 18/May 24, $3
  • World of Archie Double Digest #7, on sale May 25/May 31, $4
  • Betty & Veronica Double Digest #191, June 1/June 7, $4
  • Life With Archie #11, on sale June 1/June 7, $4

What I’m considering buying

  • Jughead #207, on sale May 18/May 24, $3


Based on conflicting information (last I checked), this should be the last month for “Archie & Friends” and “Betty.” Still think it’s a bit odd to axe the latter while leaving “Veronica” intact, but I suppose sales figures don’t lie. As for the former, I’m not big on seeing it go—it’s the one floppy comic in their line that allows for stories about the ensemble cast (i.e. Dilton, Chuck, Sabrina, etc.). In this month’s case, it’s about Little Archie and Sabrina (the Grade-School Witch, I suppose).

“World of Archie Double Digest” has an interesting backup—“She’s Josie,” the original series that Josie first appeared in, before her book was revamped into the better-known “Josie and the Pussycats.” In the earlier series, she was written as something of a “female Archie,” with only Melody from the “Pussycats” era appearing with her (the rest of the early supporting cast got dropped with the arrival of Valerie, etc.).

“Life With Archie”‘s description is, of course, spoiler-ish; you’ve been warned. (As have I… though I’ll note my observation that Jason Blossom isn’t as handsome in this series as he usually is in the regular Archie line, or at least how I saw him drawn in that “Battle of the BFFs” storyline. Different artists, or just something to chalk up to the characters’ aging?)

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