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Anthony’s miscellaneous comics picks for February 2013

Updated on December 10, 2021

Peanuts, vol. 2Here’s what’s of interest from various miscellaneous companies for February 2013.


Full solicitations are available here.

  • Popeye #10, $4

Boom Studios

Full solicitations are available here.

  • Garfield #10, $4
  • Peanuts #6, $4

Trade Paperbacks and Comic Strip Compilations

  • Peanuts, volume 2 TPB, $14


Not much for this month, though I still wonder what Dark Horse’s “Star Wars” future will be like with the recent buyout of Lucasfilm by Disney.

“Peanuts” this month highlights Peppermint Patty, wearing a fancy dress (for some reason).

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