Anthony’s Marvel picks for June 2015

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Last updated on December 10th, 2021

Here’s what’s of interest coming out from Marvel for June 2015. A full list of solicitations are available here.


  • A-Force #2, $4
  • Giant-Size Little Marvel: AVX #1, $4
  • Captain Marvel & the Carol Corps #1, $4
  • Princess Leia #5 (of 5), $4
  • Howard the Duck #4, $4
  • House of Hem #1 (one-shot), $8
  • All-New Hawkeye #4, $4
  • The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #6, $4

Trade paperbacks

  • Rocket Raccoon, vol. 2: Storytailer Premiere (HC), $25
  • SHIELD vol. 1: Perfect Bullets, $18
  • Hawkeye, vol. 2 (HC), $35
  • Storm, vol. 2: Bring the Thunder, $18


Given my disinterest in “Secret Wars,” that changes some of what I listed above for this month. I assume said event’s why there’s no books for Miles Morales or Storm this month. Marvel’s announced that it’s ending a whopping 33 titles after “Secret Wars” ends, with some to be brought back in some retooled fashion. However, it’s not stating which ones, or in what way they’ll be retooled. Said titles ending include “Captain Marvel,” “Storm,” and Miles Morales’ book.

I assume Miles will be back in one title or another, and Captain Marvel has a movie coming out in a few years. Still, it just reminds me of the downsides of events in general, as well as of Marvel deciding to soft-reboot its line. Never mind it’s the #1 company in sales already, and DC’s shown plenty of reasons not to do a reboot. It also seems to risk losing some of their recent earned goodwill among new readers/women readers just for the sake of another pointless event.

Marvel’s releasing a comic based on the 90s X-Men cartoon, “X-Men ’92.” However, its launch is already overshadowed by recent news of its writer, Chris Sims, revealed to have cyberbullied another writer, Valerie D’Orazio.

Captain Marvel is getting a spinoff comic, “Captain Marvel and the Carol Corps.”

“House of Hem” is a one-shot reprint of various cartoons by Fred Hembeck.

“Squirrel Girl”‘s cover is a good one. Dazzler? “Also Thor?”

(Update 3/18/15)

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