Anthony’s Marvel Comics picks for January 2016

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Last updated on December 10th, 2021

Here’s a look at what’s coming out from Marvel in January 2016. A full list of solicitations is available here.


  • Captain Marvel #1, $4
  • Rocket Raccoon & Groot #1, $4
  • A-Force #2, $4
  • The Totally Awesome Hulk #2, $4
  • Captain America: Sam Wilson #5, $4
  • Howard the Duck #3, $5
  • Guardians of the Galaxy #4, $4
  • Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur #3, $4
  • Ms. Marvel #3, $4
  • All-New Hawkeye #3, $4
  • The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #4, $4

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There’s some Captain America material, as an early lead-in to next May’s “Captain America: Civil War” movie. Still, no sign of Miles Morales‘ own solo book?

“Old Man Logan” ‘s version of Wolverine is being thrown into the mainstream Marvel Universe, presumably minus the questionable elements involving the Hulk. “Mature readers” indeed…

“Captain America: Sam Wilson” only promises the release of an all-new Falcon. Recently, the book’s gotten into the news for raising backlash from Fox News and other conservatives, via a storyline where Sam fights a longtime set of villains who were engaged in racist, anti-immigrant antics along the US-Mexico border. One guess why the AM talk radio set’s livid.

On a more positive note, I like the description for “Howard the Duck”: “Join Chip & Joe for … DUCK HUNT! The storyline created just so we could use that title!”

In the new #1 category this month: Captain Marvel and a new Rocket Raccoon/Groot starring comic.

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