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Anthony’s DC Comics picks for November 2015

Here’s a look at what’s coming out from DC Comics for November. A full list of solicitations is available here.


  • Sensation Comics Featuring Wonder Woman #16, on sale Nov. 4, $4 (digital first)
  • Superman: Lois and Clark #2, on sale Nov. 4, $4
  • Bizarro #6 (of 6), on sale Nov. 18, $3
  • Bat-Mite #6 (of 6), on sale Nov. 4, $3
  • Batman ’66 #29, on sale Nov. 18, $3
  • Scooby-Doo Team-Up #13, on sale Nov. 4, $3
  • Astro City #29, on sale Nov. 18, $4

Trade paperbacks

  • Batman ’66 vol. 3, on sale Dec. 2, $15
  • Lex Luthor: A Celebration of 75 Years, on sale Dec. 2, $40
  • DC Comics Presents: Superman—Lois and Clark 100-Page Super-Spectacular #1, on sale Nov. 4, $8
  • Strange Sports Stories, on sale Dec. 16, $15


This month’s variant covers theme is a fun one: Looney Tunes! Nice DC’s acknowledging their currently-highest-issue-numbered comic. My favorite covers:

  • Batman: vs. Rocky and Muggsy.
  • Aquaman: with a mermaid Bugs.
  • Catwoman: Tweety pointing at a different kind of “putty-tat.”
  • Justice League of America: Taz knocking the New 52-JLA for a loop.
  • Black Canary: Beaky Buzzard, Foghorn Leghorn, and the Hyde-version-of-Tweety pointing at Dinah.
  • The Flash: the Scarlet Speedster racing Speedy Gonzales and the Road Runner. Not the first Flash/Speedy/Road Runner race; Cartoon Network did a promo featuring the three (using the Wally West Flash from “Justice League”/”Justice League United”) racing around the world to a draw. Or at least the Latin American Cartoon network channels aired this promo; there’s a version on YouTube with Spanish signage (on a shop) and one with Portuguese signage.
  • Batman/Superman: “The Dark Knight Returns” parody—Super-Sylvester vs. a weapon-wielding Tweety.
  • Robin: Son of Batman: Sylvester and Junior with a caged Robin; Granny in the background particularly sells the cover.

I’m pretty sure the Green Lantern variant cover (Marvin the Martian wielding a pile of power rings) is going to wind up on a bootleg T-shirt at some mall kiosk.

DC’s still planning to release the needless “part three” to “The Dark Knight Returns,” with the ill-considered title “Dark Knight III: The Master Race.”

“Prez” has gone from an ongoing series to a six-issue miniseries, ending this month. Elsewhere, “Bizarro” and “Bat-Mite” also end their miniseries runs.

“Scooby-Doo Team-Up” this month sees the gang meet the Spectre, Deadman, and the Phantom Stranger!

On the trade paperback side, DC’s trying to cash in early on “Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice,” by printing a “Batman vs. Superman” TPB. Unsurprisingly, half the stories inside are from the New 52, while the other half include a few Bat-book stories and the Superman/Batman fight in “The Dark Knight Returns.”

The next character getting a 75th anniversary omnibus volume is Lex Luthor.

Finally, DC’s reprinting the 1990s wedding of Lois Lane and Clark Kent!

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